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Evaluate Demographic Data: Cities, ZIP Codes, and Neighborhoods

Demographic Data

Demographic data is indispensable in developing an understanding of different communities.


  1. COMPREHENSIVE DEMOGRAPHIC INFORMATION for a specific city, town, or ZIP Code, simply browse or search different sections of the Washington, D.C. Gazetteer. See
  2. A WITHIN STATE RANKED LIST of Washington, D.C. cities & towns, Neighborhoods, or ZIP Codes, use the Washington, D.C. Census Data Comparison Tool.
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Research a Washington, D.C. Address get Maps & Data

Boundary Maps, Demographic Data, School Zones Get boundary maps and recent demographic data for the neighborhood, city, county, ZIP Code, and school zone.

Interactive Maps & Boundary Maps


Boundary Maps

Interactive Maps

Which Schools? The interactive state map in the top-level page in the schools section allows you pan and zoom-in to find an area of interest. When you click on the map to place a marker, the schools that serve that location are identified. In addition, this map and all other maps in this section, have an address form field in the upper left. Input an address in the form and you'll find what school zones are applicable for that address.

Which Neighborhoods? The top-level page in the maps section of each state gazetteer is an interactive Neighborhood map that works in a similar fashion to the schools map described above. Pan and zoom-in to an area of interest and mark the spot with a click. You'll immediately have the Neighborhood identified. You can also input an address in the form in the upper left and do the same thing.

Which Congressional District? The interactive Congressional District map works just like the other two maps described above. You can zoom-in and place a marker with a mouse click or you can input an address in the form in the upper-left.

Which ZIP Code? All of the maps in the ZIP Code section are interactive. You can input an address in the form in the upper-left and find the applicable ZIP Code.

Rank Cities, Towns & ZIP Codes

Zip Codes

Within State Rankings

Using the Census Data Comparison Tool found here, you can rank the top (or bottom) 200 cities, Neighborhoods or ZIP Codes by:

  1. Population
  2. Population Density
  3. Diversity Index
  4. Median Household Income
  5. Housing Affordability Index
  6. Wealth Index

Note that when viewing the profile for any incorporated city, town village, Census Designated Place (CDP), county or ZIP Code, at the bottom of the individual profile for that location is data about how that area compares to its within state peers. Both the peer rank and percentile is included with every profile.

Compare Washington, D.C. Census Data
Highest or Lowest:

National Rankings

Using the National Census Data Comparison Tool, you can rank the top (or bottom) 200 cities, counties or ZIP Codes in the U.S. for the five key demographic data items used for the within state rankings.

Maps & Driving Directions


This gazetteer tracks the 40 types of Washington, D.C. physical, cultural and historic features such as lakes, islands, bays, airports, harbors, hosptials, etc., recorded in the Geographic Name Information System (GNIS) maintained by US Geological Survey (USGS).

  1. BROWSE by Feature Types at the STATE level
  2. BROWSE by Feature Types at the COUNTY level
  3. SEARCH for specific featres by Type & Name using the form

Once you've selected a feature of interest, the feature location is marked on a searchable map and the page has links to driving directions, local area photos, hotels, and other nearby resources.

Physical Cultural Historical

Research Public Schools


The Schools Section of this gazetteer has information for public and private schools, school districts, and school attendance zone boundary maps.

You can:

  1. Find Schools by Name
  2. Find Schools by City
  3. Find Schools by ZIP Code
  4. Find Schools by Neighborhood
  5. Use an interactive map to zoom-in and locate a particular place and when you click on that location, the applicable schools will be identified.
  6. Use the Research a Washington, D.C. Address Form further up this page to find the school zones.

School Profiles

Each school profile has contact information for the school and school district, the number of students, teachers and the student-teacher ratio, the lowest and highest grade in the school and the number of students by grade level.